The purpose of this article is to help you understand: 

  • What short codes are
  • Where to find the short codes
  • How to change/add/delete a short code


What Are Short Codes?

Whether it is an email or SMS notification, it will have a short code within it. A short code is a piece of code that is placed within the email and SMS notification templates so that it can produce more information once the notification has been sent out.

When they are sent out, these short codes populate more information based off of the code. If you want more information within a certain notification, you can remove the short code that is there which does not produce enough content and replace it with one that has more.

For example, if you currently only have the customers first name and you want it to populate their first and last name you can remove the short code "Customer First Name" and replace it with "Customer Full Name". Also, if you want less information to show you can remove and replace the short codes as well to do the opposite. 

Below, you will see the name of the short code on the left and the actual short code on the right. 


Where Do I Find The Short Codes?

To find the list of short codes you will have to go to: 

Settings > 

Notifications > 

Master Templates, Emails, or SMS > 

Top right hand corner click the blue "View Short Codes" button >

A pop up will appear showing all of the short codes. 

When the pop up appears and you see the whole list of codes you will notice two areas under the "Action" column. One is "Copy" which allows you to copy the code by simply clicking this button and then you can go to the email or SMS template to paste it in. The other one is "View Scope" which will tell you in which of the templates this specific code is used in. It is also broken down by admin, customer, provider, and staff. 


How Do I Change A Short Code? 

To change a short code you will need to go: 

Settings >

Notifications > 

Email or SMS > 

Choose the tab for the correct person (Admin, Customer, Provider or Staff)

Go to the section that the notification is in and click on it to show the list >

Go to the "Action" column and click on "Edit" >

This will now bring you to the inside of the email or SMS template >

Scroll down to the second half of the page and find the short code to change >

Remove this one and paste in the new one from the short code list > 

Click the blue "Save" button once you have completed.