The purpose of this article is to help you: 

  • Locate these tools in the system
  • Create and upload information from a .CSV file

Whether you are switching systems or are a new business with lots of leads, our import tool is a convenient way to upload information and speed up the migration or on-boarding process. We also have an export tool so you can download a file containing customer, provider, and lead information that’s been stored in your account.


Where to Find the Import Tool

The import tool is associated with two different sections: one can be used to upload customer data, and the other is for uploading provider data. To find it, you will need to go to your main menu and click either:

  • Customers > Customers
  • Providers > Providers

The tool on both of these pages is identical, the only difference is the location in which the data is stored. For this example, we will use the import tool in the providers section to guide you through the process.  


Getting Started

To begin the process of importing your information, you will first click the green “Import” button at the top of the screen. In the providers import section, there are two different options based on whether you want to upload individuals or teams.

Depending on your business, you’ll select either “Import Individual Provider” or “Import Team”. Please keep in mind that you can import as many files as you need to, so if you work with a combination of individuals and teams, you can use a separate sheet for each option. For this example, we will reference the import team option.


Preparing Your File

After making your selection, you will land on the import page. We’d recommend that before you search for your file, please click the “Sample File For Team” to see all of the fields BookingKoala supports. If you do not already have a .CSV file, you may also use this template to create one by adding new rows and filling them out as needed.  

Please ensure that regardless of where your file originates, it will need at minimum the three following columns: first name, last name, and email address. These three components are required for all customers and providers so if they are missing from your file, you may not be able to have a successful import. 

You will also need to ensure that the extension is .CSV. If it does not have this extension, you can use your spreadsheet builder to “Save As” or export your list in this format. Once these aspects have verified, you will need to click the “Browse” button to select the proper file, and then click the green “Import” button below. 

If you would like to connect the customers Stripe id's as well you will need to create a new column in the .CSV file with the heading "Stripe ID".

**Note** Make sure to double check the Stripe id when copying and pasting it to the corresponding customer because if you connect the wrong id to the wrong customer the card on file will be used to the customers booking that it is attached to.


The Import Process

Once you’ve uploaded your file, you will need to match or “Map” the imported fields with those in BookingKoala. You can drag and drop whichever fields of information you would like to be imported. Remember that you will need to map at least the three required fields of first name, last name, and email address.

Some of your fields may be labeled differently than BookingKoala’s. For example, BookingKoala has “zip code” as a field whereas you may have something like “zip” or “postal code”. You can map your field with the closest corresponding field in our system. You can also leave most of the BookingKoala fields empty if you do not have those in your file, or if you are not interested in importing that specific information.  Once you have mapped your fields, you will click “Import”.

While your file is being imported, you will be brought to the “Import History” section.  Here you can view new and past imports and their corresponding details like: date imported, file name, type of import, and total records within the file. To the far right, you will see the import’s status.  While the system is finalizing the import, the label will read “Processing”. You can click the green “Refresh” button to check for an updated status.



Once your import has been completed, you will see a green “Complete” status after refreshing. This indicates that all data (or as much as possible) has been imported. Next to this, there is a triangle icon. When this icon is grey, it indicates that all data has been fully imported. If the icon is orange, you import is complete but some information was not able to be imported. When the icon is red, the import was unsuccessful.

When orange or red, you can click the triangle icon to view a more detailed record of  failure. There are several possible reasons for why a user could not be imported, such as:

  • The first name, last name, and/or email fields are blank
  • Incompatible “special characters” (like #, $, %, etc.) have been used in the name, email, or phone fields
  • The email or phone number already exists in the system.

Any teams or individuals that could not be imported will be listed at the bottom so you can look at the original file to add or modify the corresponding entries. 


Additional Actions

If you have accidentally uploaded the wrong file altogether, you can click the arrow icon to “undo” the import. This will permanently delete the file’s contents from your system.  

If you would like to invite the people in your file to create an account with your BookingKoala platform, you can click the envelope icon. From here, you can mass email all new imports with the “Set Up Your New Password” email and even include a note for their reference. You can click “Send Email” when you are ready, or “Preview” to see what the email will look like first. Please be sure that this specific email template is enabled. If not, go to:

  • Settings
  • Notifications
  • Emails
  • Provider

Click the red “Disabled” button to re-enable the notification. You can also click the pencil icon to edit the general message for this email as well.  

In the customer import area, you have the additional option of connecting your customer’s stripe accounts if you have imported their customer stripe id.  To do so, please click the green “Connect Stripe” button to the right of the reload button.  If you have multiple locations and separate stripe accounts for each, you will need to select the location that corresponds with each customer. Once you have made these selections, click “Update” to complete the connection process.