The purpose of this article is to help you learn:

  • Where to download the BookingKoala for Providers app
  • What features are included in the app


Where can I download the BookingKoala for Providers app?

Click here to download the app from Google Play for Android devices.

Click here to download the app from the App Store for Apple devices.  


Logging In

To view your dashboard on the BookingKoala for Providers app, you will begin by logging in with the email address you used to create your provider account with your company.

If you work for more than one company that uses BookingKoala, you will be prompted on the next step to choose which business you are logging into.  

Once you select a business, click the blue Next button and you will be prompted to enter the password you created for that account.  You can also use the Forgot Password link to reset your password if you've forgotten it.  Once your password is entered, click the Sign In button to be directed to your dashboard.  


Navigating the Provider App

The BookingKoala for Providers app was created to help service industry workers who work for companies with the BookingKoala software to manage their jobs, payments, schedules, and more all from one place.  The app contains multiple sections:
  • Dashboard - View past, current, and upcoming jobs in calendar view or list view.
  • Unassigned Bookings - If permitted, view unassigned jobs searching for a provider or team to accept them.  
  • Manage Availability - Update or submit requests to update your availability.
  • Settings - Update or submit requests to update your job acceptance settings.  
  • Profile - Edit your personal information, reset your password, and connect a payment processor to your account to receive payments via the app.
  • My Drive - If permitted, download, view, and upload files to share with the merchant.
  • Payments - View records of all your payments including a breakdown of jobs per each paycheck.
  • Reviews - View all ratings and reviews left by customers on your bookings. 
  • Switch Company - If you work for more than one company that uses BookingKoala, switch between dashboards to view jobs for another company.  
  • Help Center - Visit the BookingKoala Help Center to read more articles like this one.
  • Logout - Log out of the app and back in again if you are ever experiencing issues with the software (such as missing an update).
  • Language - Some merchants may have the BookingKoala for Providers app in multiple languages.  If so, you will see a "Language" button that leads to a "Select Language" page. 

To navigate between these sections, click the sandwich icon in the top left corner of the app.


Provider Dashboard

As mentioned above, the provider dashboard will display all of your completed and upcoming jobs.  Bookings are displayed in a calendar view by default.  The calendar view will display a calendar of this week or this month at the top of the screen, and then you can click a date to view booking details in the section below.

There is also a list view for those who would like to see their bookings in a sequential list.  The list view allows you to navigate between different sections for Today's, Upcoming, and Job History bookings.

If you are a member of one or more teams, or if you work as a team member and also as an individual, you can switch between teams and individual views using the team icon at the bottom right corner of the app.  Then, use the dropdown menu to select which team (or individual mode) you would like to view jobs for.  

To view more information about a job, including accessing features like the clock in/out buttons, checklists, digital signature feature, feedback feature, job notesjob mediatravel directions, and more, click on the View Detail button beneath the job summary.

Once inside the Booking Details page, you may have access to the following features: 

  1. View Job On Map - View directions between your current location and the job location (you must give location permissions to the BookingKoala for Providers app to use this feature).
  2. Late Arrival Message - Send a default late arrival message to the customer, or craft a message of your own making.  You can also view sent messages with timestamps to see what you previously messaged the customer.  Click here to learn more about how to set up and use this feature.
  3. Get Directions - Open the default map app on your phone and get directions to the booking site with one click.
  4. On The Way - Begin the clock in/out process by signaling you are on your way to the location.  If you are already on site, click "On The Way" and then "Clock In" right away to begin tracking the job time.  Click here to see our guide on clocking in and out with the BookingKoala for Providers app.  Admin can activate the clock in/out feature by clicking here
  5. Checklist - If the merchant has chosen to, there will be a checklist available to help guide you through the booking duties.  Click here to see our guide on how to use checklists in the BookingKoala for Providers app.  
  6. Job Media - Upload images and videos that pertain to the job.  Depending on the merchant's settings, customers may or may not be able to view the media.  Please confer with your company if job media is shared with the customer and if there are any specifications such as tags to use when uploading pictures and videos. 
  7. Signature - The digital signature feature works by allowing you to capture a customer's signature using the BookingKoala for Providers app.  Just click the "Signature" button to open the signature screen and click "Confirm" once the customer has signed.  You can also reset the signature if needed.  Click here to learn more about digital signatures. 
  8. Feedback - The provider feedback feature was created to allow providers to collect feedback on behalf of the customer.  Click the "Feedback" button to access a Rating & Review page.  Admin can activate this feature by clicking here.  

Unassigned Bookings

The second section from the top of the app menu is the Unassigned Bookings section.  If your merchant uses this feature, they can list unassigned jobs for all their providers to view and grab.  Jobs may or may not be shown to providers based on personal settings and availability, so it is best to check with the merchant before assuming that unassigned bookings will be within your working area, job expertise, etc.  

Click the "View Detail" button to see more information about the job including payment, and click the "Grab Job" button to add the job to your schedule. 


Manage Availability

Depending on the merchant settings, you may be unable to manage your availability or send availability requests.  However, if you have one of these permissions enabled, you can use this section to change your schedule.  Whether you need to take time off for vacation, adjust your weekly recurring availability, or add days you can work, the Manage Availability section has options for all.  

Click here to view our guide on how to manage provider availability.



Like like "Manage Availability" section, the merchant settings may or may not allow for you to make or request changes to your job settings.  However, if permitted, you will be able to view and make changes to the "Industry" and "Form" sections that impact the types of jobs you get.  

Click here to learn how to edit your industry and form settings.  



The profile section of the provider app has three purposes. It is a 1) place where you can update your personal information, 2) where you connect your payment processor if you get paid via BookingKoala*, and 3) a place where you can reset your password if you have forgotten it.

1. Edit Profile

The Edit Profile button allows you to edit your:

  • Profile picture
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Gender
  • Address
2. Payment Processor

The Payment Processor button allows you to connect a payment processor account to receive payments via BookingKoala.  Currently, there are two different payment processors that allow providers to connect their accounts for payment: Stripe and PayPal.   

Click here for instructions on how to connect or create and connect a provider Stripe account.

Click here for instructions on how to connect or create and connect a provider PayPal account.

*If you have already used the Payment Processor button to connect an account, you can use the button to verify the connection or disconnect and try again.  

3. Reset Password

The reset password button helps you reset your password if you are logged into the app but do not recall what your password is.  


My Drive

When enabled, the My Drive section of the app allows you to share files with your merchant and vice versa.

Depending on your merchant's permissions, you may only be permitted to download files but not upload files of your own.  



The Payment Logs section is where you can see all of your payments per pay period.  Use the search field at the top of the section to search fo a specific date range.  

Click on a paycheck to view more details including the date range and a breakdown of the jobs in each pay period.

Click on "Learn More" for a specific booking to view a detailed payment breakdown for an individual job.  



The Reviews section allows you to see all of the ratings and reviews you have received as a provider.

Each review will include the service date, the review date, the customer's name, and a star rating. 


Switch Company

As alluded to earlier in this article, it is possible to use the same email address and work for different companies that use BookingKoala.  If this is the case, you can use the "Switch Company" section to select a different company and then log in with your password.


Help Center

The Help Center has a Providers section which contains helpful articles on logging in, setting up your schedule and settings, connecting payment accounts, and more.  Type in a word or phrase and click the search button to explore what the Help Center has to offer. 



If you have multiple email addresses across multiple BookingKoala accounts, you will need to log in and out using this logout option.  The "Switch Company" option only works if you are using the same email address for multiple companies.  



At the very bottom of the left-side menu, you may have a "Language" option. If so, this means the merchant has translated the app into another language.  If you speak multiple languages and want to see what options are available, click where it says "Language" and then select a language from the options available.