Based on previous issues others faced with their forms, we put together a guide to help you solve a possible problem you may be facing.

What is the last thing you did:

  • I signed up, made some changes and when I went to view my booking form, there were things missing on the form, such as frequencies, services, packages, etc.
  • I went to view my forms and I see a white blank screen.
  • I went to view my forms and the the screen never loads.

If any of those above apply to you then try these things first:

First, lets try the easy stuff: Try re-freshing your browser. If that didn't solve the issue, try logging out, exit the screen entirely and exit any tab you have open that is associated with your account, then open a new tab and log back in.

Second, if none of those worked something might be disconnected with your forms. Please watch this video to see if any of these may be an issue:

Click here to view how to set up your booking forms step by step.

None of those are the problems you are facing? 

Here are some other issues others faced in the past:

  • I signed up, didn't make any changes yet and when I went to view my forms, no dates were displayed.

Please check that your schedule is set up properly and that you have providers inside the system.

If the schedule is not set up properly or there are no providers, you will not be able to book.

  • I went to view my forms and they are under maintenance.

To fix this issue please make sure all your forms are enabled and are live.

Go to settings > industries > add industry > added industries and make sure that each industry is activated:

Then go to settings > industries > settings (under each industry you have) > form settings and make sure each form is live:

If you have multiple industries you will have to check each industry to make sure all forms are activated under the 'Form Settings'.

  • I went to book an appointment and when I tried booking with a credit/debit card, I couldn't complete my booking.

If you faced this issue please make sure that your customer payments and Stripe accounts are set up properly.

  • I signed up, didn't make any changes yet and when I went to to view my form, things were missing and I couldn't book.

If you are facing this issue there might of been a problem creating your store. Please contact us so that we can see if your store didn't complete the set up process.