The purpose of this article is to help you learn:

  • How to use each part of the "Providers" section
  • How to create, manage, and update provider accounts
  • What providers can use their account for
  • Setting up and processing provider payments


Provider Overview

Click the links below to view instructions on how to set up the various features discussed in this overview.


Getting Started

Setting up your store options "Provider" tab: Learn how each setting affects your providers under the store options "Provider" tab.

Using the Import Tool: Learn how to import providers for faster migration.

Add, Deactivate or Delete a Provider or Team: Learn how to create provider and team accounts, process account deactivations, and delete accounts if necessary.  

Setting Up General Provider Permissions: Learn how to configure your providers' scheduling and availability rules.

Setting Up a Provider General Settings & Permissions: Learn to set up how jobs will be assigned to a provider.

Setting Up Provider Industry Settings: Learn how to control which industries a provider will receive jobs from.  

Setting Up Provider Form Settings: Learn how to control what types of jobs providers receive/accept.  

How Providers Can Update Their Own Settings: Learn how your providers can adjust their settings from their dashboard.


Availability and Scheduling

Setting Up Provider Schedules: Learn how to set up availability for providers so providers can receive or accept jobs.  

How to Send Provider Schedules Automatically: Learn how to enable sending out your provider's schedules automatically.

Enable the GPS Clock In/Out Feature: Learn how to set up the GPS clock in/out feature and customize rules for providers, bookings, and time logs.

Clock In and Out with the GPS Feature: Learn how to clock in and out using the GPS feature in the provider app.



Setting Up Provider Payments: Learn how to set up provider pay rates and reimbursements.

Setting Up Reimbursements: Learn more about how to set up, update, and delete provider reimbursements.

Changing a Provider's Pay Rate: Learn how to modify provider pay rates and reimbursements.

Sending Out Provider Payments: Learn how to send out, pause, and resume provider payments and where to locate payment logs. 

Pending Payments and Active Bookings Messages: Learn more about the pending payments and active booking messages and how to resolve them.

Fix the "No Such Destination" Error for Provider Stripe Payouts: Learn how to fix the "no such destination" error pop-up when you are trying to payout providers with Stripe.  


Account Features and Resources

Log In As a Customer or Provider: Learn how to log in as a provider without logging out of your admin account.

Enable Provider Booking Features Under "Store Options": Learn how to customize rules and features that relate to your provider's bookings.  

Enable the Customer and Provider "My Drive" feature: Learn more about the "My Drive" feature and how to enable it for providers. 

Enable the Provider Live Chat Feature: Learn how to enable the live chat feature to send and receive messages from providers in your dashboard.

Enable the Speed Tag: Learn how the speed tag works and how to enable it for your providers.

Enable Provider Pairing: Learn how to set up your individual providers to be paired with others on a job-by-job basis.  

Setting Up and Using Checklists: Learn how to create and use checklists for bookings. 

Using the Quick Add Tool for Providers: Learn how to use the quick add tools for setting up provider schedules and settings.

Block a Provider From Being Booked with a Specific Customer: Learn how to prevent providers/teams from being paired with specific customers. 

How to Export Provider Data: Learn how to export provider information into a .CSV file.