The purpose of this article is to help you learn:

  • How to use each part of the "Customers" section
  • How to create, manage, and update customer accounts
  • What customers can use their account for
  • Processing customer charges, card holds, and refunds


Customer Overview

Click the links below to view instructions on how to set up the various features discussed in this overview.


Getting Started

Setting Up Your Store Options "Customer" Tab: Learn which features you can enable under the store options "Customer" tab.

Using the Import Tool: Learn how to import customers for faster migration.

Add, Deactivate or Delete a Customer: Learn how to create new customer accounts, process account deactivations, and delete accounts if necessary.  

Connect a Stripe Account with a Custome Profile: Learn how to connect an individual customer account with a customer Stripe ID.

Setting Up Customer Receipts: Learn how to enable invoices and customize how they will look.  

Multiple Addresses and Cards: Learn how to save multiple addresses and credit cards in a customer's profile.

Enable/Disable Customers from Editing Quotes: Learn how to allow or block customers from editing the quotes you have sent them.  


Customer Charges

Customer Charges: Learn how to set up which forms of payment you accept, how to charge bookings, and where to locate the Booking Charges section.

Void a Charge: Learn how to void a customer's charge.

Refund a Charge: Learn how to process a full or partial refund.  

Charge an Additional Fee: Learn how to charge extra fees for a booking after the initial charge has already been processed.  

Add a Late Tip: Learn how to add a tip after the initial booking charge has already been processed.  

Manually Place a Credit Card Hold: Learn how to manually hold (or preauthorize) a customer's booking charge.

Release a Credit Card Hold: Learn how to release a credit card hold/preauthorization.  

Retry a Declined Charge: Learn how to process declined booking charges.


Account Features and Resources

Log In As a Customer or Provider: Learn how to log in as a customer without logging out of your admin account.

Enable the Customer and Provider "My Drive" feature: Learn more about the "My Drive" feature and how to enable it for customers. 

How Customers Can Add Tips and Parking Fees for Providers: Learn about the different ways a customer can leave a tip for their booking.

How Customers Can View, Print, and Download Invoices: Learn where customers can access booking invoices in their dashboard. 

Referral Credits: Learn how to set up a referral system for your customers and how they earn credits.  

Block a Customer From Booking or Logging In: Learn how to restrict access to a customer's dashboard, including how to block them from booking or even logging in.

Customer Deactivation Requests: Learn how to process a customer's account deactivation request.

How to Export Customer Data: Learn how to export your customer information into a .CSV file.